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Does cellphone use cause car accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | car accidents |

In the state of Maryland, and anywhere else for that matter, cellphone use in cars can be dangerous. Using a cell phone while driving can be one of the most dangerous things you can do. While this dangerous act may go under-reported, it has certainly contributed to many crashes in the state.

The dangers of cellphone use

You should be aware of the fact that cellphone use in cars is strictly forbidden by Maryland law except in cases of a hands-free option such as the use of Bluetooth to connect to the car’s audio. Things that are illegal for a driver to do with a handheld phone in a car include:

  • read or respond to texts
  • browse the internet
  • play mobile games
  • use mobile apps including map functions
  • any other use of cellphones or handheld mobile devices

The reason is easy enough to understand. Driving requires your full attention. The act of driving safely requires making thousands of tiny decisions. Some of these decisions are minute and subtle and almost occur subconsciously. Still, they must be made. Without attention on the road, safely reacting to an upcoming obstacle becomes impossible.

Stopping cellphone use in cars

As previously mentioned, car accidents resulting from cellphone use go under-reported by drivers. This is probably because drivers often do not want to admit to breaking the law. Regardless, accidents caused by cellphone use are a dangerous menace. Certain strategies may work in regards to lowering the number of these accidents. This includes:

  • better enforcing the law
  • advertising the dangers and illegality of driver cellphone use
  • using technology to monitor drivers
  • implementing hand-free call technology in more cars

Whatever the case, driving while using a handheld phone or mobile device is dangerous. It causes many accidents, whether reported or not, and that danger should be lowered to make Maryland roadways safer for all.



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