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Dedicated Defense Against Charges Of Inappropriate Touching

Several high-profile cases in recent years have put the public on notice regarding cases of inappropriate touching. The mere allegation, no matter how flimsy or unfounded, can put the accused on the backfoot. The public – and the prosecution – assume someone charged to be guilty before hearing a single word in their defense.

Allegations of inappropriate touching require a tough, serious and immediate defense strategy. Maronick Law LLC represents clients across Maryland who are facing these and other sex crimes charges, including soliciting a minor and indecent exposure.

A conviction could land you on the sex offender registry. Call us now at 410-881-4022 to schedule your free consultation. We’re here to fight for your future.

What Constitutes Inappropriate Touching?

In Maryland, inappropriate touching – which may also be referred to as unsolicited touching – has two general categories:

  • Physical touching that results in bodily injury, including bruising, lacerations, broken bones or other visible signs of injury
  • Sexual touching, which focuses on contact with a person’s genitals, buttocks and other sexual areas.

The underlying penalties that someone may face hinges upon what type of touching someone is accused of committing. The age of the individual who alleges the inappropriate touching may also impact the severity of the charges that a person faces.

Don’t Face Inappropriate Touching Charges Alone

Inappropriate touching, like many sex crimes cases, requires a defense attorney with investigative skills, a strong understanding of state and federal sex crime laws, and a willingness to fit for their clients in court.

With over 80 years of combined criminal trial experience, we’re ready to fight for your future. Our founding attorney, Thomas J. Maronick Jr, has represented clients in every county in Maryland. No matter where you are, we are here for you.

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