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An Underage DUI Could Change Your Future Forever

Many drivers in Maryland understand how serious it is to face DUI charges. For those drivers who are under 21, the situation may be different, but the potential negative consequences are no less serious.

With eight offices across the state, the attorneys at Maronick Law LLC are prepared to represent teens and their parents facing DUI charges for minors in Maryland.

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What Are The Penalties For An Underage DUI In Maryland?

An underage DUI carries significant penalties if convicted. These may include:

  • Ignition interlock device: All drivers charged with an underage DUI must install an ignition interlock device. If they refuse, they will face a license suspension. The length of the required use of the device depends on the number of previous convictions on your record.
  • License suspension: The first underage DUI charge may result in a one-year license suspension. The second offense could carry a two-year license suspension.
  • Penalties for fake IDs: It is common for drivers who are underage to also have a fake ID at the time of the arrest. In addition to penalties related to the DUI, possessing a fake license may result in a $500 fine and up to two months in prison.

You Could Face Penalties From Your College

In addition to criminal penalties, college students could also face disciplinary actions at the academic level. Depending on the college or university you attend, the penalties imposed by your school can vary widely.

In most cases, you will be required to attend an alcohol education program. In more serious cases, you could lose scholarships and financial aid, face an academic or athletic suspension, or even be expelled.

Mr. Maronick and our team of dedicated underage drinking defense attorneys have decades of experience in working closely with college students and their parents. We act quickly to establish a robust defense strategy that seeks to insulate you from criminal and academic consequences.

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