Patients may leave the OR with a surgical souvenir

Although surgical staff must follow special protocol to ensure all equipment is accounted for prior to, during and following a procedure, medical mistakes continue to occur. Updated technology is available to operating rooms across the country. However, many institutions are still at fault for leaving surgical items behind in patients’ incision sites. At least 4,000 […]

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Maryland accident leaves several hurt

Traffic accidents take place for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, they happen because a driver is drowsy or distracted by their cell phone. In other cases, drivers may be operating a vehicle while intoxicated because of drugs or alcohol. Sadly, these crashes can leave victims with painful injuries that permanently upend their lives. Because of […]

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Maryland drug courts explained

In Maryland, people who are arrested may have the option of going through drug court instead of the normal court. According to the National Institute of Justice, a drug court is a special system set up for offenders with drug addictions that provides treatment for substance abuse as an alternative to jail time. Such courts […]

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How a criminal record may affect your future

If you have been charged with a crime, it is not just your immediate freedom that you should worry about. From school to employment to loans, there are many reasons you should be concerned about a criminal record. Currently, there are 44,000 federal and state statutes that can affect those with criminal records, limiting everything […]

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Limiting your chances of slipping at work

Workers in Maryland face a number of slipping hazards throughout their work day. Whether it’s the elements icing up a parking lot or improperly-placed cables acting as a hurdle, the potential for falling or slipping accidents exist everywhere. This is why it’s so important for workers to know what actions they can take to limit […]

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