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Take A Strong Stance In Internet Crimes Cases

Experienced attorneys will tell you that internet crimes are unique among criminal allegations because they come with their own “paper trail.” The evidence is often almost entirely based on computer records and data. Fighting these charges is a challenge, and our team can rise to the occasion.

A criminal conviction, especially of this sort, will follow you for the rest of your life. This is the time to build the strongest case possible; that begins at Maronick Law LLC. When developing your defense, you will be glad to have us on your side.

What Is At Stake?

Internet crimes are almost always federal crimes because of the nature of the internet, making them particularly treacherous. Unfortunately, many attorneys are still behind the times when it comes to technology, and this can lead to serious issues in your criminal defense if you choose poorly.

Our firm makes a point of staying at the cutting edge of technology and evidentiary proceedings including:

  • Using forensic analysis to identify file download times and other data
  • Fact-checking the use of decryption techniques and file recovery methods
  • Identifying source computers via internet protocol (IP) number information and virtual private network (VPN) data

Modern internet usage has led to the advent of many different new crimes, including hacking, identity theft, phishing and scamming, all in addition to the host of crimes that simply now also occur online, like trading stolen goods or the possession of child porn. These allegations come with very serious consequences, not the least of which is jail time.

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