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Victories Won For Our Criminal Defense Clients

If you are looking for an attorney to assist you in the face of criminal charges, after a serious accident or in any legal matter related to child custody, real estate, or commercial law, you have come to the right place. Now is the time to find out for yourself how our Baltimore attorneys can help you. We believe that reviewing past case results can help you get a better idea of the types of outcomes we have secured for others and therefore what may be possible in your legal matter. We also welcome you to call our offices for a free consultation.

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  • All charges dropped. CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (Case Details): Defendant facing significant jail time on felony handgun possession charges and drug possession charges. Case Result: All charges dropped.
  • Vacated defendant’s murder conviction. CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (Case Details): Defendant faced first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of crime charges. Case Result: Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals vacated defendant’s murder conviction because of an improper jury instruction by the trial court, and the matter was set for a new trial in a publicized case.
  • Defendant released from incarceration. CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (Case Details): Defendant facing significant jail time on charges of felony first-degree assault charges. Case Result: Defendant released from incarceration.
  • Not guilty on all charges. CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (Case Details): Client accused of numerous serious gun-related charges including handgun on the person: wear/carry and stolen pistol — sell etc. Case Result: Client granted a judgment of acquittal on all charges.
  • Hung jury after jury trial. CIRCUIT COURT FOR WASHINGTON COUNTY (Case Details): Defendant faced 10 years of jail time on charges of assaulting a prison guard. Case Result: Hung jury after jury trial; Defendant was released from jail shortly after a jury trial while awaiting a new trial.
  • Attempted murder charges dropped. CIRCUIT COURT FOR WICOMICO COUNTY (Case Details): Defendant faced second-degree attempted murder charges and handgun charges. Case Result: Attempted murder charges dropped; defendant received five years active time on a first-degree assault plea in a publicized case. His co-defendant, represented by other counsel, received life in prison on a murder conviction.
  • Not guilty. CIRCUIT COURT FOR WICOMICO COUNTY (Case Details): Defendant was charged with multiple sex offenses against a young child. At the jury trial, the defendant was acquitted of all charges.
  • Not guilty after bench trial. DISTRICT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (Case Details): Defendant facing significant jail time on charges of second-degree sexual assault. Case Result: Not guilty after bench trial.
  • All charges dropped. DISTRICT COURT FOR BALTIMORE COUNTY (Case Details): Defendant faced jail time on DUI and other charges.
  • Not required to register as a sex offender. HARFORD COUNTY (Case Details): Client initially facing life imprisonment if convicted of rape charges. Case Result: Client walked out of home detention with a Probation Before Judgment (not a conviction) on second-degree sex offense charges after hard work of attorneys led to an almost unheard-of plea deal from the state in this case which was heavily covered in the news. Client not required to register as a sex offender, almost unheard-of in this type of sex offense case and sentenced only to time-served on a second-degree assault and probation.

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