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The different types of car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | car accidents |

Motor vehicle collisions could prove traumatic because of their unexpected nature. A driver might get hit from any angle on a Maryland road. The reasons for the accidents may vary, but the collision will likely inflict damage to the vehicles and potentially severe harm to the driver and passengers. Knowing the different types of collisions may help drivers be more alert to potential crashes.

Accident variations

Automobile accidents are often defined by how and where the vehicles collide. A frontal collision involves getting hit head-on, while a rear collision happens when the rear bumper and trunk get hit. One vehicle does not necessarily have to hit another. A car could drive or back into a pole.

Lateral and sideswipe collisions result from hitting a vehicle’s side, although the way the collision occurs differs. Lateral collisions result from direct impact, while a sideswipe results when vehicles scrape one another. With a rotational collision, a vehicle spins when something impacts one of its corners. Rollovers occur when a vehicle flips over or lands on its side.

Harm resulting from accidents

Motor vehicle accidents could leave victims with traumatic brain injuries, fractured bones, lacerations and even internal bleeding. The chances of severe injuries may increase when hit by an oversized vehicle or one traveling at high speeds. Collisions could be chaotic and unpredictable. For example, a spinout accident might involve a spinning car hitting pedestrians.

Accident victims could file a lawsuit against the responsible party to recover their losses. With an auto collision, losses may sometimes be substantial, as victims might deal with high medical bills and reduced income potential. Taking legal action could be an appropriate recourse for those struggling financially after a crash.



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