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Protecting The Future And Education Of Your Child

School disciplinary actions can lead to more than a suspension. Sometimes, they may entail criminal charges that put your child’s educational and job opportunities at stake and could end in a criminal record for life.

If your child faces misconduct or Title IX accusations and receives a hearing notification from the disciplinary board, you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. The attorneys at Maronick Law LLC have extensive experience representing parents, high school and college students, and are ready to assert your rights. We represent clients in Annapolis, Glen Burnie and across Maryland.

Our professional background includes handling complex and challenging cases with severe criminal charges throughout Maryland. Learn how we can help you in a free initial consultation. Please call 410-881-4022 to schedule a free consultation.

Aggressive Legal Representation Before Misconduct Reports

Misconduct corresponds to an activity or practice prohibited by school authorities. Some charges may not be criminal but can seriously damage a student’s reputation and future. However. if mishandled, charges like plagiarism could result in lawsuits and severe consequences.

Other misconduct charges include the following:

  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs or other banned substances on campus
  • Vandalism or disturbance
  • Fabrication of data or information
  • Academic dishonesty

Every educational institute and district has specific types of misconduct and relevant punishments which may vary from suspension to expulsion. However, it is imperative to have sound legal advice and guidance to craft legal solutions for you.

Title IX And Potential Criminal Charges

If a student faces accusations due to Title IX misconduct, punishments may go beyond expulsion from an educational institution. They may also lead to criminal charges, criminal and school records that will negatively impact an individual’s opportunities.

Some misconducts listed in Title IX are:

  • Sex-based discrimination or any gender-based violence
  • Sexual misconduct, such as unwanted sexual contact, rape, sexual coercion
  • Retaliation, stalking, battery, harassment

Our lawyers can assist you throughout the process before and after a hearing. We analyze the evidence provided, talk to witnesses and prepare a student for a hearing.

You will have more than 80 years of combined experience in complex criminal defense speaking for the rights of your child before the disciplinary board. We are also well equipped to appeal the board’s decision is not favorable for your child’s future.

You Have The Right To Defend Your Child

Contact us today to discuss your case in detail in a free initial consultation. We will evaluate your charges and how we can represent your child. Call 410-881-4022 or share your contact information using our secure online contact form.

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