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The top causes of work injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2024 | workers' compensation |

Workers can fall victim to a wide variety of injuries in Maryland. There are hundreds or even thousands of ways that a worker can face an injury so serious that they must miss work or have their livelihood affected. But some categories are more common than others. Covering for the most common injury sources can help both employers and employees keep these costly incidents to a minimum.


The most common source of injuries in the workplace that lead to workers’ compensation claims is the environment. Environment-related injuries involve heat, toxic substances, or the cold. They may involve sicknesses that are acute or that intensify over time. These injuries are often invisible and not easily discovered until complex tests are performed. Their hidden nature is often the most common reason why they are so hard to stop.

Repetitive stress

Another common source of work-related injuries is repetitive stress and motion. Unlike some forms of injury such as pinches, burns from malfunctioning engines, or snapped belts, repetitive stress injuries can happen at practically any place of employment. They are nearly as prevalent at indoor office jobs as at factories. These injuries occur when workers are not following proper ergonomic practices or are forced to work in tight, uncomfortable spaces.


The main attribute that these types of injuries have in common is that they can both be prevented. Proper testing, training, and regular maintenance can all greatly reduce environmental hazards and the risk of environment-related injury. As for repetitive stress injuries, they can often be avoided with training and proper equipment. Competent management and close connections between employees and employers can reduce most of these injuries. They can avoid all of the tension currently created when employees have to miss work for an injury.



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