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What injured workers need to know about disability benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | workers' compensation |

Someone who has been hurt on the job in Maryland likely faces an assortment of personal challenges. For example, they may need to undergo treatment for their condition. Most Maryland employees recognize that workers’ compensation will help cover their treatment costs. Yet, people often have a harder time understanding disability benefits, which those who have been seriously injured may need as they recover.

Companies in this state are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage even if they only have one employee. An employee who is injured accidentally on the job or someone who develops an occupational disease can potentially obtain both health and disability benefits. Employees can typically apply for disability benefits when they initiate a workers’ compensation claim in Maryland.

What types of disability benefits are available?

There are four main categories of workers’ compensation disability benefits available for injured employees. If a worker is unable to do their job as usual, they may qualify for disability benefits to replace their wages.

There are temporary disability benefits that can apply in cases where someone needs time to recover or undergo treatment. Someone who cannot work at all can receive temporary total disability benefits. Benefits start after three days of being unable to work. However, if someone misses at least 14 days of work, the benefits will cover their first three days of lost time as well.

Other workers qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. If a worker can only do their job part-time or receives less pay because they can’t do the same work, temporary partial disability benefits can help cover 50% of the difference between their usual weekly wage and what they currently earn.

In situations where people will not make a full recovery from a work injury, permanent disability benefits may be available. There are permanent partial disability benefits that will help close the gap between someone’s prior earning potential and their current income due to permanent functional limitations. Workers who cannot return to employment at all may qualify for permanent total disability benefits.

Those claiming disability benefits typically need to prove how they acquired their condition and have medical records affirming how significant their condition is. Seeking legal guidance can help an injured worker to put together a strong claim that is likely to be promptly approved.



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