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Resources for those who have been in a Maryland auto accident

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents |

If you’ve been in a Glen Burnie, Baltimore, or Ocean City, Maryland auto accident, you probably have some questions and are looking for information. Here’s a short list of questions and answers we’ve covered that will be of help.


What to do after a car accident in Maryland | Maronick Law LLC

What do I do after an accident? We provide tips on how to handle the immediate aftermath of an auto accident.

Do you need a police report to prove fault in a Maryland car accident? | Maronick Law LLC

A police report can help to establish fault; however, Maryland law enforcement prefers not to be called for a “fender bender” lacking significant injuries. We explain.

What are the deadlines in Maryland auto accident cases? | Maronick Law LLC

Don’t miss a deadline. An Ocean City or Baltimore auto accident attorney is critical to making sure that the statutes of limitations that apply to your car accident are not missed.

What are the legal fees and costs in a Maryland car accident case? | Maronick Law LLC

Contacting an attorney can be scary because of the cost. We explain how legal fees and costs are handled. Hint: They come out of the settlement, not your pocket. Most important for you to know: There’s no fee to you if there is no recovery.

How much can I recover in the event of a Maryland auto accident? | Maronick Law LLC

We explain the reimbursement that you can expect to receive for your car accident.

Social media mistakes to avoid after a Maryland car accident | Maronick Law LLC

Be careful what you put on social media after your car accident. We explain how to keep from making mistakes that could doom your Glen Burnie, Ocean City, or Baltimore auto accident case.



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