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(Video) Don’t Take The First Offer From Insurance Companies After A Car Accident

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents |

Video Transcript

Hi, it’s attorney Tom Maronick. I’m here in Annapolis, Maryland to talk about car accidents.

And the number one thing that people do to hurt their chance whether it’s Annapolis or some other part of Maryland to get a better recovery in a car accident.

If you’re in a car accident, the last thing you want to do is to take an initial offer from an insurance company. Why is that? Because insurance companies are not here to help you. In fact, what they’re here to do is to protect their shareholders.

Did you know that most insurance companies are publicly traded companies? So, that means is that the insurance company is actually a bunch of shareholders. So they don’t really care about you at all.

What they care about is protecting the stock share, the value of the stocks, so when they make you an offer after a car accident case what they’re trying to do is actually protect the share and the market value of their stocks in the marketplace versus trying to give you a fair settlement.

Did you know that by having an attorney of your own choosing, you have an advocate who only represents your interests. If the interest is your interests alone, then you’re not going to have a shareholder deciding what’s fair and what’s not fair.

So, what can we do for you? Well, the thing is we’re not going to, at Maronick Law LLC, let you take a settlement just because it’s thrown out there. We’re going to advise you what’s fair and what is not, what gets you to a reasonable settlement that protects your rights, and if it’s not there guess what we’re going to do? Whatever we can. Litigate it, co-litigate it, and what we’ll do is fight for your rights, and we won’t take any sort of fee unless, no lawyer’s fee, unless we recover for you. How about that!

And the only advocacy that we have is for you. We’re going to defend your rights and not the shareholders. Great concept, right? Well that’s the way things work.

So, if you are looking for a lawyer who cares and who’s going to fight for you, call Maronick Law LLC. Car accidents all over the state of Maryland. Here in Annapolis, in Ocean City, in Baltimore, in Easton. Wherever you may be! Garrett county.

We’re here to help you so, call us 410-244-5068. Call us today so, we can start helping you! Don’t accept an initial offer from an insurance company. Because If you do that, you’re selling yourself short, and the one thing we don’t ever want to see you do is sell yourself short. So, call us 410-244-5068. Let us help you!



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