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Recovering from your bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 16, 2024 | bankruptcy |

Filing for bankruptcy could be a highly positive step in the right direction for people who are interested in rebuilding their financial situation. Following all the necessary steps during the bankruptcy process could lead a Maryland debtor to embark on life with a clean financial slate. Once bankruptcy ends, avoiding mistakes that could lead back to fiscal woes becomes necessary.

Post-bankruptcy approaches

Devising an adequate budget will be helpful, as the proper budget might prevent someone from overspending. Overspending on unnecessary things may deplete cash and force borrowing at other times. Perhaps looking at ways to increase one’s income and savings could be a good move.

Taking action to rebuild a credit history is another essential step. Some may need to take out a secured credit card if they are not able to receive approval for a standard credit card. However, using credit wisely and paying the bills on time would help establish a new track record. Paying all bills on time is vital since this would show responsibility and eliminate late notices appearing on a credit report. Reviewing your credit history to ensure nothing inaccurate appears may also be necessary. Ordering a copy of a credit report annually could help with this cause.

Long-term planning

Long-term post-bankruptcy planning could be helpful. Rebuilding one’s life after bankruptcy may require making effective financial decisions year after year. Reverting to old behaviors several years after bankruptcy might result in a return to court to address debts again.

Also, it is advisable to keep all paperwork and records related to the bankruptcy. It could become vital if a debt collector attempts to act on a discharged obligation.



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