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How can I reduce the risk of boating accidents?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | boating accidents |

In Maryland, recreational boaters have many opportunities to explore the state’s beautiful waters. However, while these activities can be a fun way to spend your leisure time, they come with dangerous risks.

Even though boating accidents are less common than car accidents, they may still cause severe injuries and long-lasting, even fatal, effects. Before setting sail, you should study safety pointers to reduce the risk of getting hurt.

Lowering the risk of fatal boating accidents

Being careful and prepared can be the keys to avoiding dangerous boating accidents. When planning your boating trip, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the weather going to be that day?
  • Will there be many boats in the water where you’re going?
  • What are the water conditions?

Before leaving the harbor, check the safety equipment, including the harness tethers and fittings. If the gears are old, worn or undersized, then they are no better than having no equipment at all.

Once you board the vessel, move in a manner that is safe for the conditions you are facing.

For instance, if you are piloting, stay alert and always watch your speed. Moving slowly will give you ample time to react and orient yourself while exploring a new area. Moreover, hitting something at low speed is usually less painful than colliding with something at high speed.

While on the boat, ensure you always have deck shoes on because the deck can be slippery and may cause slip-and-fall accidents.

Receive compensation for your boating injuries

You may seek compensation if you or your loved one gets hurt from a boating accident. An attorney may help you get financial compensation for your injuries from a capsizing accident, a boat collision or a drowning incident.

With the help of a legal professional, you may have someone on your side who can negotiate with large corporations and insurance companies that aim to counteract your compensation claim.



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