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How criminal charges can affect college students

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | criminal defense |

Maryland is a home of higher education with colleges including the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. As they sometimes do, people attending college typically enjoy parties and living exciting lives. Unfortunately, something that began with good intentions could result in you getting arrested before you graduate.

What happens immediately following an arrest

Whether you’re a college student or not, the initial timeline after an arrest will generally be the same. After a police officer arrests you, they will transport you to the local jail. Typically, within 24 to 48 hours, law enforcement will take you to a judge for your arraignment.

Reporting this incident to your college

The authorities typically report your arrest to the college you attend. After that happens, you’ll usually speak with members of a college’s disciplinary board. That’s because crimes warranting an arrest are also those that typically violate a university’s code of conduct.

The aftermath of college students getting arrested also entails some type of meeting with your college’s board. During this meeting, you may have the chance to explain what led to your arrest. This meeting also lets college board members look over the details of your crime to decide what to do about your future attending said higher education institution.

Depending on the severity of your crimes leading to your arrest and your college board’s final decision, you could face a warning while being able to continue attending college. Unfortunately, this board also has the right to suspend or expel students for repeat or severe conduct-related offenses.



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