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What you need to know about underride accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | car accidents |

Truck-related accidents account for many traffic fatalities in Maryland. That’s especially true concerning underride accidents. Underride accidents occur when passenger vehicles become wedged under a semi truck. There are two types of underride accidents: rear and side underride accidents. Here are some things you should know about side and rear underride accidents.

Rear underride

Rear underride accidents happen when a passenger vehicle hits the back end of a semi-truck. This type of underride accident can happen when the truck is dimly lit or poorly marked. In some cases, the passenger car may not see the truck until it’s too late to stop. This can result in the passenger car getting lodged under the rear axle of the semi-truck.

Side underride

Side underride accidents can also lead to fatalities and happen when a passenger car and semi-truck have a side impact accident. When this happens, the passenger vehicle can get stuck under the semi-truck.

Unfortunately, this can cause the roof to be sheared off the car. Side underride accidents often happen at night or in areas of low visibility. Side underride accidents often happen when truck drivers try to switch lanes or pull out into traffic.

Safety Features

Certain safety features can decrease the risk of an underside truck accident. These include painting the truck in bright, contrasting colors, which can increase visibility and reduce the risk of underride accidents. Adding reflective decals or painting logos using reflective paint on the rear and side of the truck can increase its visibility at night.

Side and rear underride accidents can cause fatalities on Maryland roadways. Information can help prevent these types of accidents.



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