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Struck-by accidents responsible for many workplace mishaps

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | workers' compensation |

“Struck-by” injuries are one of Maryland’s most common mishaps involving workers’ compensation claims. They are also frequently responsible for deaths on the job. However, employers can take steps to reduce these incidents and keep their workers safer.

How construction fatalities occur

Struck-by injuries commonly occur on construction job sites. These workers’ compensation claims are involved in more than half of all fatalities on construction sites. Struck-by accidents fall into four broad categories. These are:

  • Flying objects
  • Falling objects
  • Swinging objects
  • Rolling objects

Most scenarios involve objects that are in the air. They can occur when materials separate from the equipment holding them or accidentally discharge; loads come loose, tools are knocked off ledges, workers within the radius of a crane, or objects are rolling on the same plane as working.

How companies can protect their workers

Construction companies can protect their workers through preventive actions to lessen the possibility of accidents occurring. Among the ways that employers can keep their workers safe is by providing appropriate safety gear, regular inspection of tools and equipment, educating workers on how to position themselves when heavy equipment is involved, and learning how to stack supplies properly.

Struck-by injuries are frequently catastrophic

Even when they don’t result in death, struck-by injuries frequently produce catastrophic results. Many workers struck by objects while on the job have crushed limbs, traumatic brain injuries, or other injuries that require extensive rehabilitation. Some may even endure permanent disabilities.

Victims of catastrophic injuries frequently cannot return to their previous jobs or may spend a considerable amount of time without pay. Workers’ compensation insurance companies may try to lowball settlements or try to pin the blame on the victim to avoid payment. In these cases, many victims may be able to pursue compensation through legal claims.



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