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Criminal convictions and consequences

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | criminal defense |

Persons convicted of a crime may face jail time and fines. However, that is not the full extent of the ramifications of running afoul in the criminal justice system in Maryland. Various other consequences might follow for someone who faces criminal charges. Such might be the case even when the charges lack credibility.

Troubles that having a criminal record can cause

After being convicted of a crime, a permanent criminal record will be the result. That record will remain as part of a person’s background unless there is a rare expungement. Many persons with a criminal record do not qualify for expungements, meaning they must deal with the consequences of being convicted. Unfortunately, those consequences may be unfair.

When someone has a criminal conviction and is seeking employment, they can face discrimination. Regardless of what the law may say about discriminating against such individuals, it still occurs and is rampant. As a result, anyone with a felony or misdemeanor on their record might find trouble gaining employment or maximizing their income potential.

Concerning issues

The conviction can lead to problems with child custody and housing. Immigrants may face deportation once convicted. Even someone who receives probation can experience a loss of freedom due to the constant surveillance and rules associated with the sentencing. Mounting a successful criminal defense can help someone avoid the various troubles a criminal record might bring.

All criminal proceedings require proof beyond a reasonable doubt for a jury to deliver a guilty verdict. A defense strategy might raise enough reasonable doubt to return a not-guilty verdict. In situations where a defendant’s civil rights have been violated, suppressing evidence may be possible, leading to a favorable outcome. Individual circumstances affect each case uniquely.



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