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Why fatigued truck drivers are major dangers on roads

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | car accidents |

Maryland is a busy state full of hard-working people. Some of these people earn a living by driving commercial trucks. While most truck drivers call it a day after a long day of driving, others find themselves in fatigue-related accidents. Unfortunately for themselves and others, fatigued truck drivers can make roads dangerous places.

Impaired decision making

While it can feel second nature to many, driving any vehicle requires making near-constant decisions. A truck driver must decide what speeds to travel, where to go and make other crucial judgments. However, fatigued drivers often make the wrong decisions or the right ones at a slower-than-normal rate. Either outcome can result in a severe collision.

Delayed reaction times

It’s also critical for truck drivers to have fast response times. Reacting quickly is necessary to stop promptly, change lanes or make a turn. When fatigue kicks in, it can drastically slow the human brain’s response times. If this happens, it creates the risk of a commercial vehicle crashing into other automobiles or pedestrians.

A lack of attention

Drivers must pay attention to how they drive. They must also pay close attention to other drivers. When a trucker is tired, they begin losing their ability to pay attention to the road. If a trucker’s mind focuses on non-driving-related things, it increases their likelihood of being in truck accidents.

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road. Because of those factors, trucking accidents often cause severe injuries and sometimes deaths. Paying close attention to who you share the road with could help avoid the damage and pain caused by a trucking accident.



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