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What to Expect at Your Maryland Arraignment Hearing

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | criminal defense |

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Maryland, one of the first steps in the legal process is the arraignment hearing. This hearing marks the start of your criminal case in Maryland.

The arraignment typically takes place within 24 hours after an arrest. The hearing itself is straightforward—you will be presented with the criminal charges filed against you. The judge reads the charges out loud and provides you with a copy of the complaint detailing the allegations.

Next, the judge will advise you of several important rights, including:

  • The right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, a public defender will be appointed to represent you.
  • The right to remain silent. Anything you say in court can be used against you later.
  • The right to reasonable bail. The judge will decide at arraignment if you will be released from jail on bail while awaiting trial.

After being informed of your rights, you will be asked to enter a plea: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Nearly always, the plea is “not guilty” at this early stage. Pleading “not guilty” means the case will proceed to the next steps, including hearings and a trial if a plea deal is not worked out.

It’s important to have legal counsel with you at your arraignment in Maryland. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can argue for lower or no bail, ensure your rights are protected, and begin building your defense. It’s a good idea to go without legal representation.

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