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Is your career as a doctor in jeopardy after a DUI charge?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | dui/dwi |

There’s no denying that it takes time and effort to become a doctor. After years of medical school and internships, you reach a point where your hard work pays off. Unfortunately, making an unwise decision to drive under the influence in Maryland can lead to a DUI charge. Here’s what to expect to help you navigate this stressful time.

Can you lose your medical license after a DUI?

By law, a Maryland doctor must report any DUI charge to the Maryland Board of Physicians. From there, this board decides whether you’ll keep your medical license. In most situations, losing your license after a first-time offense is rare. But a medical board might not be as lenient if you’re a repeat DUI offender.

How to achieve the best post-DUI outcome

Maryland sometimes requires DUI offenders to attend assessments or programs about alcohol abuse. If a court requires your attendance for these courses, make sure to show up on time and with a positive demeanor. Completing classes and assessments can help you avoid losing your medical license.

After a DUI charge, you might have to pay fines and face jail time. If either option happens, pay what you owe and serve your time accordingly. If your DUI charge changes the status of your driver’s license, don’t break the court’s rules. For instance, a judge might temporarily or permanently suspend your driver’s license. Getting caught driving when you aren’t supposed to might lead to additional charges from law enforcement.

A typical DUI can cause lots of stress, but it won’t always mean losing your ability to work as a doctor. If your DUI caused a loss of life or you were transporting a minor when this situation happened, things often become more complicated.



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