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DUIs and alcohol absorption

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | dui/dwi |

Drinking and driving can lead Maryland motorists into legal trouble. Some drivers might not realize how alcohol impairs people and may do so quickly. A person’s metabolism may rise above the legal limit relatively quickly depending on how much they drank, whether they ate something, their body weight, and other factors.

Drinking alcohol and the metabolism

The human body receives alcohol in the stomach, and a lack of food means it will leave the stomach quicker. Alcohol finds its way into the bloodstream and soon becomes processed by the liver. Excess alcohol consumption over time may damage the liver or cause other health problems.

The liver has limits on how much alcohol it can process at any given time, so the alcohol flows through the bloodstream to other organs, including the brain. Once alcohol hits the brain, it may depress the central nervous system. The brain’s neurons act sluggishly, creating many problems associated with being impaired. Additionally, alcohol could impact the release of neurotransmitters that can affect how someone feels.

Alcohol and DUIs

A person does not have to be legally drunk to cause an accident while under the influence. So, driving with any amount of alcohol in the system can be dangerous. A DUI stop may result when a driver has difficulty controlling or operating a vehicle safely. Frequently, slowed reactions, hampered perceptions, and alcohol-induced drowsiness may lead to reckless alcohol-impaired driving.

However, not all DUI stops are legal. The police may lack the requisite reasonable suspicion, undermining the prosecution’s case. Defendants might challenge the evidence against them as well. False positives can occur when a driver ingests certain medicines or has recently rinsed with mouthwash.



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