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Can I vote if I have a criminal conviction on my record?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | criminal defense |

People convicted of a crime in Maryland could face consequences even after they have completed their sentence. Many are concerned about their right to vote. In some cases, they will be allowed to vote. In others, they will not.

Voting after a criminal conviction depends on the charges

It is important to know the circumstances about voting after a criminal conviction. Even if a person was convicted of a felony, it does not necessarily mean they cannot vote.

With a felony conviction, the person can vote unless convicted of buying and selling votes. For other felonies, they must have served their time in prison and completed the sentence. They are then allowed to vote.

A person cannot vote until their prison sentence has been completed. Those who have a mental disability and are under guardianship of the court, cannot vote.

There are options for those who think they have been deprived of their right to vote by the Board of Elections even though they are eligible. For these cases, people need to understand how a criminal defense can extend beyond the case itself and work to restore rights they might have lost due to a past conviction, including voting rights.

After a criminal conviction, people might be able to vote

Many times, people have preconceived notions as to the law regarding voting. Knowing the facts is imperative. This is particularly true for those who still want to take part in the voting process. If a person’s rights are violated, it is essential to understand what has happened and to take the necessary steps to ensure they are treated fairly under the law.



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