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What do you need to know about paternity tests?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | family law |

Disputes over the identity of a child’s father are rarely pleasant. However, up to 30 percent of paternity claims may turn out to be fraudulent. If you are a resident of Glen Burnie, Maryland who has reason to question a paternity claim, a paternity test may help to ease your mind.

What happens during a paternity test?

During a paternity test, a lab performs a series of tests on your genetic material and the child’s genetic material. During these tests, the lab looks for DNA matches between you and the child. If your DNA is a match, this confirms paternity. Genetic material can come either from cheek swabs or blood tests.

Are home testing kits reliable?

Paternity tests often cost thousands of dollars. In contrast, home paternity tests cost 200 dollars or less in most cases. Before you decide to use a home paternity test, you should be aware that home tests are more susceptible to contamination and may not be as accurate. Additionally, family law courts will only accept tests taken in a medical facility.

Can DNA tests ever be wrong?

DNA tests performed in medical settings may be the most accurate form of DNA testing, but the results may still be wrong. False paternity tests may occur for these reasons:

• Purposeful human tampering

• Lab errors while performing tests

• Close familial relationships between biological father and paternity candidate

• DNA mutations in child or father

• Mistakes while collecting DNA

Paternity tests protect you and your family

A paternity test protects both fathers and children. Paternity tests establish a legal right to being part of a child’s life. The tests also provide the child with the legal right to receive support from you. Establishing paternity through legal and accurate tests can strengthen the familial bond and protect both of you.



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