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What are the biggest hazards for drivers during the fall?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | car accidents |

Fall is here, which means cooler weather in many parts of the country. Halloween is just around the corner as well. However, when you’re driving in Maryland, the season also brings certain hazards.

Falling leaves

Falling leaves might not seem like an issue, but when they fall onto the road, it can make for a more slippery situation. This is especially true when it rains. Your vehicle might skid. If enough leaves amass over potholes, it can result in a vehicle going into the hole, causing damage.

Less daylight

In the fall, the days begin growing shorter as the sun sets earlier. When people drive, there’s a good chance it will be dark as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. Although many drivers can safely maneuver their vehicles after dark, others might find it challenging and have a higher risk of an accident.


Fog occurs more often in the fall. This is one of the biggest driving hazards during the season as visibility is reduced. Drivers might not see another vehicle or even a pedestrian and could get into an accident.

Rain and frost

When it rains, the roads become slick, which increases the risk of a car accident. Although drivers are supposed to take extra precautions in such weather, some fail to slow down and ease up on their brakes. This puts them at risk of hydroplaning and crashing.

The first frost also first occurs in the fall, causing ice to form on the road. Drivers have to take care when riding in such conditions.


Once fall arrives, the sun is in a different position depending on the time of day. As a result, you might have extra glare while driving, which can lead to a car crash caused by a blind spot. Adjusting your sun visors to shield the sun could help.

These are some common hazards to be aware of in the fall. You can be prepared and drive safely to avoid an accident.



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