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New Video Series! Ask an Attorney Featuring Michael Walls

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | criminal defense |

We’re debuting the first two episodes of our new video series “Ask an Attorney”. You’ll be able to keep up with the series here on our website, or on our Youtube channel.

Introducing Attorney Michael Walls


Hi, I’m Attorney Mike Walls from Maronick Law offices. We’re here to answer your questions!

[Assistant] Alright Mike, how long have you practiced Criminal Law, and how much of your case load is devoted to Criminal cases?

I have been practicing law for the last 38 years. I began a general practice doing Workers’ Comp, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Contracts, all kinds of different things.

Over the last 30 years, I have focused my practice primarily on Criminal Defense. That includes DUI cases, DWI cases, any kind of criminal case. And that has been my focus most recently, and that’s almost exclusively now what I do.

What kinds of cases does Maronick Law take?


Hi, I’m Attorney Mike Walls from Maronick Law offices. I’m here to answer your questions!

[Assistant] Alright Mike, what type of cases does Maronick Law handle?

We handle all kinds of stuff. We focus a good bit on DUI and DWI cases, Criminal Defense of any nature, Traffic Tickets (we do those in either state court or federal court). Bankruptcy, we handle Chapter 7’s and Chapter 13’s.

We also focus on Auto Accidents and any Personal Injury cases including Dog Bites, Motorcycle Accidents, and Boat Accidents.

We also focus on Workers’ Compensation cases, and we also do some administrative law including school board and disciplinary hearings.

We’d be interested when you have a case like that, feel free to give us a call, and we can help you out.



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