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Maryland boating accidents may happen

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | boating accidents |

Everyone loves summertime, getting out on the water and enjoying time with friends and family. With more people out and on the water, an accident may happen to boaters, swimmers, fishing enthusiasts and others. With this in mind, residents of Maryland may want to learn more about a recent accident that happened in the area north of Assateague State Park Marina, causing a fatality.

All types of watercraft may be an accident. According to news sources, a recent accident involved two people on personal watercrafts, jet skis. They collided, and one person lost their life.

Traveling at high speeds

The two watercraft were traveling at high speeds when the collision happened. One jet ski became airborne, causing the accident and the fatality.

Maryland boating accidents in 2021

There was reporting of 145 boating accidents last year. Of that number, 51 caused personal injury, while six had a fatal result. However, statistics were slightly lower than in 2020, when 155 accidents had reporting. Of these, there were 64 injuries and six fatalities.

Safe boating should be a priority

With many people out on the water, safety is important to all boaters and those who enter the waterways. Approved life vests and safe actions will help in the prevention of accidents and fatalities.

Inspections and more

Boats should receive inspections to keep them safe. Boaters should stay sober to ensure their own safety as well as that of others. In fact, Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) educates boaters as well as protects them when they get on the water.

Accidents, including those involving personal watercraft, may happen in and around the water. Many are now enjoying the fun of the season. The NRP urges boaters to have inspections of their boats, wear life preservers and practice safe and sober boating.



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