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What is Maryland’s interlock ignition program?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | dui/dwi |

Every state has a different approach to how those convicted of driving under the influence are sentenced. All states implement penalties based on the number of offenses and the level of blood-alcohol concentration detected in the defendant’s system. Fines, incarceration and license suspension are standard for most states. Requiring an ignition interlock device is not always ordered, but it assuredly can be required in Maryland.

When an IID is required

Not all drivers convicted of DUI in Maryland are required to have an ignition interlock device, or IID, installed in their vehicle. First offenders with a blood-alcohol content level of 0.08 to 0.149 are exempt. However, any driver with a BAC reading of 0.15 or more is required to have an IID installed regardless of prior convictions.

Enrollment terms

Installation of an IID is part of the administrative penalties for convicted DUI drivers in Maryland. The length of required installation begins at 90 days, but 180-day orders are common. Depending on the facts surrounding the DUI charge, this amount of time can be extended to one year. Additionally, ongoing driving behavior can impact the required time for IID installation with subsequent driving violations.

Associated fees

Just as those who are convicted of DUI and must complete an alcoholic drivers education program need to pay for it themselves, all drivers who are ordered to have an IID installed in their vehicle must pay all associated maintenance costs. This fee payment is also required when the time period is extended for any reason the court may determine.

Avoiding IID installation is one of the primary reasons it is important to defend against a DUI charge in Maryland. An IID installation requirement is an example of how a DUI conviction affects the defendant’s future and freedom in Maryland.



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