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Repeat DUI penalties in Maryland

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | dui/dwi |

All states impose minimum sentencing for DUI. Sometimes, a driver in Glen Burnie, Maryland, gets a lighter penalty for a first DUI, based on circumstances. However, repeat offenders may face much stiffer penalties under new laws.

Overview of Maryland DUI

Maryland makes driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or a combination is a punishable offense. A driver can get charged with a DUI, driving under the influence, or a DWI, which stands for driving while intoxicated.

If an officer suspects a drunk driver, they may pull them over and conduct tests. The most common test to measure BAC, or blood alcohol content, is a breathalyzer, which takes a breath sample. Maryland sets the BAC limit, at .08 for DUI, and between .07 and .08 for DWI.

Penalties for repeat DUI

Penalties for a second DUI include a $2,000 fine, up to two years in jail, and up to a 180-270-day license suspension. For a second DWI, penalties are up to a year in jail and a maximum $5000 fine.

If a driver is convicted of two DUI/DWI charges within five years, they must serve a minimum of five days in jail. They must also install an ignition interlock device and pay the cost of rental and installation.

Drivers who get a second DUI must complete a mandatory drug and alcohol assessment program, which counts toward jail time. A DWI doesn’t require the driver to attend alcohol education classes, but they can apply it to jail time. In some cases, community service may be an alternate sentence, which is a minimum of 30 days.

These penalties can double if the driver had a minor in the vehicle. However, getting charged doesn’t mean guilty, and a driver may fight the charges.



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