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How can a sleep divorce help a marriage?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | family law |

How can a divorce help a marriage? Of course, a traditional divorce cannot help a marriage because, after all, it is the end of the marriage. Though, one particular kind of divorce may actually be able to help avoid a real divorce, it is called a sleep divorce.

What is a sleep divorce?

Put simply, a sleep divorce only means that a couple does not sleep in the same bed. For each couple that goes through a sleep divorce, their particular situation be vary different from other sleep divorced couples. For one couple, a sleep divorce can simply mean moving from a shared king bed to two double beds, separated by very little space. For others, it may mean sleeping in different rooms, or maybe even different homes altogether. It all depends on what works for the couple.

Why get a sleep divorce?

Sleep is extremely important to one’s wellbeing, and in turn, a couple’s ability to connect and stay happy. A sleep divorce is for those couples who realize that many of their issues come from this sleep deprivation. It does not have any bearing on the health of the relationship itself.

How can a sleep divorce help?

Sleep deprivation does no one any good, and it can exacerbate existing issues and create new ones based on how couples deal with that sleep deprivation and the added stress it brings. It can allow couples on different schedules to work together, or for those with snoring and other disruptive sleep behaviors to finally sleep without disturbing their partner. It can help eliminate the bitterness and resentfulness that can grow when the other spouse is ruining sleep for their spouse.

What if it does not help?

Keeping a coupling happy and healthy is not an easy task, but a sleep divorce may help. Though, it is not going to solve non-sleep related issues. While it may help diffuse or lessen tension, it will not solve issues by itself, and as a result, a sleep divorce may not actually avoid a divorce. For those Glen Burnie residents and residents throughout Maryland, if a sleep divorce does not help, call a divorce attorney.



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