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Last week’s alleged north-end restaurant assault

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | assault |

We all love our friends and family, and spending time with them is often the great joy of our lives. However, because we are so close to them, when fights do occur, they often escalate rather quickly as emotions flair. This can then, in turn, lead to contact with police. Unfortunately, this was alleged to have happen to one local Ocean City woman last week.

The incident

According to the Ocean City Police Department, last Thursday evening, OCPD received a call about an alleged assault at 142nd Street. Upon arriving to the scene, OCPD claimed they met with a male witness that reported a female was assaulted by her girlfriend.

Reportedly, the witness stated that the altercation began at a nearby restaurant when the two got into a fight. Then, when the couple returned to their residence on 142nd Street, their fighting only intensified, and at one point, the Ocean City women allegedly attempted to strike the male witness.

The investigation

The investigation reveled that all the parties had some physical touching at some point between them. And, both the alleged victim and the accused assaulter had significant injuries. It is unclear how or why OCPD officers concluded that the accused assaulter participated as the primary aggressor. Indeed, rather than finding mutual combat, they arrested the Ocean City woman for second-degree assault.

After the arrest

For those in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and Ocean City, generally, that are facing assault or other violent crime charges, ask for a lawyer immediately. Do not speak with the police, especially in these types of mutual combat situations. The police are looking for the instigator or primary combatant.

Unfortunately, these questions are seldom, if ever, possible to definitely prove on the scene, immediately. They require gathering witness statements from those not involved in the altercation, which there were no reports that this occurred here, pulling video from nearby businesses and homes, etc. If the police did not do this, and they sometimes do not, this will need to be done immediately by one’s attorney. And, remember, our most important client is each and every client we represent.



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