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The penalties for sex crimes last beyond prison

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | sex crimes |

It probably comes as little surprise to Marylander that a conviction for any number of sex crimes will likely a stay in jail or prison.

However, even if jail is not on the table at all, those accused of a sex crime in Maryland should be aware that the penalties for sex crimes can last well after a person’s conviction and, if any, prison sentence.

The term of probation for sex offenders can be severe

For one, it is important to remember that parole or probation is not the same as a shortened sentence.

A person on parole or probation will be expected to meet with supervising officers, pay certain fees and, at a minimum, stay out of further criminal trouble.

However, judges and probation departments have a lot of leeway when deciding the terms of parole and probation.

In the case of sex crimes, a convict may have to abide by rules about he or she lives and works, with whom he or she can have contact and whether and to what extent he or she can own or use a computer or other electronic device. A person may risk going back to prison if he or she is accused of violating these rules.

Maryland has a sex offender registry

Depending on the offense, a person may have to register as a sex offender in Maryland for years or even for the rest of his or her life.

Failing to do so is a separate crime. On the other hand, since the registry is public, someone convicted may suffer severe damage to his or her personal reputation and will likely have a hard time finding a job.

Moreover, for long as a person is registered, he or she is generally restricted from entering schools and daycares.




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