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Man assaults two officers after being arrested for assault

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | criminal defense |

When motorists in Ocean City, Maryland, or elsewhere interact with law enforcement, it is likely to result in two ways. They could either get a warning or they could face legal consequences for a traffic violation or face a criminal charge. Because the later is a far more concerning predicament to be in than the former, it is important that one understand the rights afforded to them if an arrest does occur. Specifically, one should understand what rights and criminal defense options are available to them if they are criminally charged.

Accusations of assaulting officers

According to recent news reports, law enforcement in Annapolis, a couple of hours north-west of Ocean City, arrested a 40-year-old man from Baltimore. Reports indicated that the man pulled his vehicle off the road and on the shoulder on Route 50 near I-97 in the early evening hours. The vehicle had caught fire and was later extinguished. Supposedly, the man failed to identify himself to police at first.

It was stated by police that the man was being uncooperative with them. It was later discovered that the man was wanted for assault in Baltimore. This resulted in officers placing him under arrest; however, during this process the man allegedly resisted and caused officers to use muscling techniques in order to get him to the ground and handcuffed.

The subsequent arrest

The man was brought to the hospital to get checked out; however, he refused treatment once there. It was also reported that he supposedly assaulted two officers while at the hospital. While the man was placed under arrest and faced charges for these assault, the exact charges were not reported at this time.

Navigating criminal charges, such as an assault charge, can be challenging. Whether this is a person’s first charge or not, it is important to take an aggressive approach. A criminal charge could carry with it serious consequences depending on the situation; thus, it is imperative that one has knowledge of their defense options and legal rights when it comes to reducing or eliminating the charges against them.




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