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Man accused of sex crimes by other man after posting job offer

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | sex crimes |

There is an understandable stigma when people are charged with sex crimes in Maryland. In addition to the possibility that the accused will face jail time and other penalties for a conviction, they may also need to register as a sex offender and face the lifelong consequences of sex offenses on their record. Regardless of the allegations and their severity, it is imperative to understand the need for a strong defense. Assessing the circumstances and the evidence is essential.

Man alleged to have posted fake job and sexually assaulted other man

A man was arrested for sex crimes after he was accused of posting a fake job offer and subsequently using it to lure another man to his residence. The man, 26, is charged with a variety of sex crimes including rape. He is said to have posted job offers on social media posing as a government contractor. One man went to the residence and was told he needed to do exercises and undergo physical examinations for the position. They were said to last two days and it needed to be done at that location due to pandemic restrictions.

The man seeking employment was told to perform exercises. He saw a camera placed on the ceiling of the room. The accused assuaged any fears by saying that military people were observing. When he returned the second day, he was asked to disrobe and submit to a prostate exam. He did so and called back later to see if he was hired, but never received a reply. He contacted law enforcement and the alleged perpetrator was arrested.

An experienced legal defense is crucial for sex offenses

Despite the seriousness of these charges and while the man is said to have admitted what he had done, it is important to understand that he still has rights. It is possible that the confession was coerced or there were issues with the circumstances under which he was questioned. Evidence is key and it is possible to lodge a defense that achieves a preferable outcome such as a plea bargain or an outright acquittal.

Any criminal allegations can be effectively fought, but it is wise to have a comprehensive legal defense with experts, full investigations, scientific research and more. A qualified legal professional who understands sex crimes may be able to assist in scrutinizing all aspects of the case to seek a positive outcome.




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