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WalletHub ranks Baltimore as one of the worst cities for driving

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | car accidents |

Baltimore often ranks low in the annual study done by Allstate Insurance Company. Now, another company has chimed in with similar results.

The latest study from WalletHub ranked Baltimore the 14th-worst city to drive in, while nearby Washington, D.C. came in at 15th-worst. Lincoln, Nebraska took the top spot overall in the survey.

Baltimore ranks low in many of the metrics that the personal finance website studied. WalletHub took a look at cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, safety, access to vehicles and maintenance for 100 cities.

Baltimore ranked in the top five for “highest accident likely in city versus national average,” which means that Baltimore is one of the top five cities where you are more likely to be involved in an accident when compared to the national average. Accidents are least likely in Boise, Idaho when compared to the national average.

Nearby Washington, D.C. took the top spot for “highest annual hours in congestion per auto commuter,” which means that D.C. drivers spend more time stuck in traffic than the drivers in the cities WalletHub surveyed. Washington, D.C. also took the top spot in highest parking rates.

Ocean City, Maryland was not one of the cities studied.

A well-known insurer has reported similar results for Baltimore driving. For the past many years, Allstate Insurance Company has concluded that Baltimore drivers are among the worst in the nation with Charm City drivers ranking last or second to last in the insurer’s annual survey of 200 cities. Baltimore has consistently ranked among Allstate’s bottom 10 cities for safe drivers over the last decade. Allstate says Baltimore’s highest placement for safe driving occurred in 2008 when it was ranked 9th from the bottom. Results are adjusted for population density and precipitation, Allstate says.

Allstate found during one study that Baltimore drivers only went 3.8 years between auto accident claims. Allstate says the national average for motor vehicle accident claims is 10 years between such claims.

The COVID-19 pandemic could lead to more cars on the road. Fear of public transportation during the coronavirus has led to more reliance on personal vehicles than usual, WalletHub says. Because of the pandemic, 20 percent of people who don’t own a car are considering buying one.

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