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Ocean City Police Department arrest local for credit card fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | criminal defense |

Being arrested is scary, period. But, facing felony credit card fraud charges can be horrifying. After all, the full wait of the state’s government is aimed at the accused. This is what one Pennsylvanian is currently facing at the hands of the Ocean City Police Department.

The Alleged Crimes

Last week, the Ocean City Police Department received a call about potential credit card fraud. The victims sent the OCPD screen shots of her bank that showed the alleged fraudulent charges.

The OCPD followed the charges on the card. After pulling video footage, they saw the accused purchasing items. The alleged credit card user came back, but this time, the charge was declined. He reportedly left in a blue Ford Taurus, which was also captured on camera.

The OCPD also received reports of another credit card scam from the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association. This person allegedly stayed at several local hotels utilizing stolen credit cards.

The Arrest

After seeing the reported blue Ford Taurus, the OCPD pulled the vehicle over because they suspected this person was the same person they saw on video. After searching the vehicle, the police allegedly found over 100 bank cards. Some of these card had the accused’s name on them. They also reportedly found a credit card reader-writer encoder machine.

While the police may believe this person is 100% guilty, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused actually did what is alleged. This is where an experienced criminal defense attorney become so important. Crafting a defense strategy early can be key to maintaining freedom or gaining it again.



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