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Maryland has harsh penalties for drunk drivers who kill someone

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | dui/dwi |

If an Ocean City area resident has been charged with impaired driving in Maryland for drug or alcohol consumption it can be a nerve-wracking time. Those who are facing these DUI charges may feel like everyone is against them. Impaired driving is aggressively prosecuted in Maryland with stiff penalties for those who kill another person.

Those who are under the influence of drug or alcohol in Maryland and drive are at risk of severe penalties if they kill someone in an accident. Those who are convicted of vehicle homicide face jail time of up to five years. If a driver has previous drunk driving convictions, they can face jail time of up to ten years. These penalties are also in effect for those who operate watercraft and kill another person.

Those who have been arrested for a DUI may find it to be beneficial to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in DUI defense. An attorney can question the validity of their client’s charges and help determine if the officer had probably cause. They can also determine if the breathalyzer was administered correctly and if the officer followed the correct protocol in administering the field sobriety test. An attorney can aggressively work to defend their client’s legal rights and help minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction. They understand that a DUI conviction can have a lasting impact on their client’s future and will work hard to represent their client in these serious situations.

A DUI conviction in Maryland carries serious charges which can increase based on whether a person has multiple DUI convictions and whether they injure or kill someone. If a person has been arrested for a DUI hiring a criminal defense attorney can be important in order to protect their future.



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