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Law enforcement officer faces charges for child pornography

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | child pornography |

Sex crimes are always difficult to deal with in Maryland. If these allegations involve child pornography, those who are arrested will not only need to deal with the legal ramifications, but also the personal and professional consequences. Such is the case with a university law enforcement officer who was arrested for child pornography. Given the complex and problematic nature of the case, having legal assistance may be essential from the start.

The officer – a corporal – was arrested on child pornography charges after an extended investigation in which he was said to have used social media to dispense the material. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported the officer’s Facebook account. He is accused of sending videos of children via Facebook Messenger. The investigation started in February and he is said to have possessed and distributed the material. Following the arrest, he was suspended from his job on campus. He will not be paid during the suspension. In addition, he has had his duties as an officer revoked. He denies the allegations.

Child pornography charges can damage a person in multiple ways by taking away their freedom and even harming them long after their sentence has been served. The negative connotations are significant, especially for those who were in prominent jobs in the community. After a conviction, in addition to jail and fines, the person will need to register as a sex offender. It will inevitably impact the ability to get certain jobs, be admitted to schools and will likely hinder every endeavor in life. Simply being accused of these crimes does not automatically mean they are true.

While it can be complicated to fight these charges, it is imperative to do so aggressively. Perhaps there is an available plea bargain to avoid the long-term consequences. The evidence might not be viable or there could have been an issue with the investigation. The person could be innocent. The man charged in this case could lose his job and have a murky future if he is convicted. For him and anyone else confronted with charges related to internet crimes/child pornography, a strong defense is critical.



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