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How to Stay Out of Trouble in Ocean City

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | criminal defense |

Ocean City comes alive in the summer months as one of the premier vacation spots for families, college kids, couples, partygoers, and more. Thousands of students and adults find themselves letting loose with copious amounts of alcohol, lowering inhibitions and creating opportunities for chaos. Once tourist season opens and the first Spring Break revelers make their way through the town, law enforcement go on high alert and significantly increase the number of arrests. Don’t let a simple mistake determine the course of your future.

Summer is just around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on your memorable and enjoyable time in Ocean City, which is why we offer the following tips to stay out of trouble:

  • Use a ridesharing app, taxi, or find a designated driver. With the advent of companies like Uber and Lyft, you significantly decrease your chances of dealing with police and potentially getting charged with DUI. Public transportation is also available.
  • Avoid confrontation from potentially aggressive or threatening individuals. Something as innocent as bumping into someone can spiral into a bar fight, especially when drinks as flowing and emotions are running high.
  • If you see someone too intoxicated to give consent, do not be sexually irresponsible–even if you think consent is implied. This is considered sexual assault.
  • College students under the age of 21 may want to partake in Ocean City’s nightlife and drinking culture but carrying a fake or another person’s ID will immediately land you in trouble.
  • Abide by all traffic laws. Police are just waiting for a reason to pull you over, so failing to yield at a stop sign will give them cause and can lead to dramatic consequences.
  • If all else fails, look no further than our very own Attorney Tom Maronick. Our legal team has the tenacity and determination to defend your innocence when things go too far.

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