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Born and raised in Baltimore, Thomas J. Maronick Jr is a skilled trial lawyer and negotiator who will aggressively defend your rights. As a determined advocate who cares deeply about his clients, he knows when it is appropriate to fight for his clients in the courtroom and when it is more beneficial to take another route. Thomas J. Maronick Jr is committed to giving his clients a voice that will be heard and respected.

I encourage you to speak with me as soon as possible. I know how to handle complex cases, and I never quit fighting for my clients. I know how to prepare cases for trial, anticipate legal strategies that may be utilized by opposing counsel and react decisively when tough challenges arise during the course of cases. I prepare for the possibility of trial in each case and the other side quickly understands that I mean business. When your liberty, your security and your rights are on the line, you can rely on me to fight for you. — Attorney Thomas J. Maronick Jr

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