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Questions About Maryland DUI Charges

Not everyone knows about Maryland’s DUI laws. Because answers about DUI charges are so essential to have, we at Maronick Law LLC wanted to take some time to answer a few of the more common questions we get from our clients.

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Will I lose my license if I am convicted of a DUI?

If you get arrested for a DUI, the arresting officer will likely confiscate your license in the process. If you do not fight the charges or negotiate to reduce sentencing, the suspension may be revoked for up to six months for a first-time conviction. For a second conviction, you may face a license suspension of up to one year.

What are Maryland’s penalties for underage drinking?

It is a misdemeanor for a minor to possess, purchase or consume alcohol. Despite the misdemeanor class offense, a minor can still receive a penalty of a $500 fine for a first offense and a $1,000 fine for any subsequent charges. Additionally, trying to purchase alcohol with a fake ID can result in two months in prison and a fine of $500.

What happens if I refuse to take a breath test?

Everyone has the right to refuse a breath test, but there are consequences to the decision. Choosing not to take the test means that the government will suspend your license for 120 days, and if you continue to refuse at later traffic stops, they can suspend it for a year.

Can I remove a DUI arrest/conviction from my record?

While there are circumstances in which someone can expunge charges from their criminal record, DUI charges are not one of them. Because these charges are permanent, we encourage you to take advantage of an attorney to fight your charges and keep your record as clean as possible.

How can I defend myself against these charges?

If you are facing DUI charges, schedule your free initial consultation by calling our Maryland offices at 410-881-4022 or emailing us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin building your strongest possible defense.

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