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Fighting For The Rights Of The Accused In Maryland

Being under investigation for a criminal offense is something you should not take lightly. It is crucial to seek the advice of a proven criminal defense lawyer immediately to head off criminal charges or begin preparing an aggressive defense of your rights.

No matter where you are in Maryland, you can rely on Maronick Law LLC to provide you with a strong defense against all types of felony and misdemeanor charges. You are innocent until proven guilty, and we will fight to protect your presumption of innocence and limit your exposure to the consequences of criminal charges.

Do not wait if you are under investigation or have reason to believe you are under investigation. Call 410-881-4022 now for a free initial consultation.

What You Should Do

The most important thing to do is to contact an attorney before saying another word to law enforcement. You have too much at stake to represent yourself. Learning as you go is a bad idea when your freedom, your reputation and your future hang in the balance. A criminal defense attorney can take action to head off possible charges or negotiate a favorable outcome with the prosecution before you are charged.

What You Should Not Do

You should not speak to the police without a lawyer present, and you should not take any actions that could be misconstrued as impeding the investigation. It is time for you to take a hands-off approach and let your lawyer handle things for you. Listening to the advice of a skilled defense lawyer can mean the difference between staying a free person and spending time behind bars.

Act Now To Protect Yourself

If you think you might be under investigation then the time to act is now. Call 410-881-4022 or contact us online for a free initial consultation and we will take care of the rest.

With eight offices across the state, we represent clients anywhere in Maryland, including Glen Burnie, Baltimore, Ocean City, Hartford and Towson.

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