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The consequences of drug convictions in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | drug crimes |

One of the most common crimes that defendants are convicted for in Maryland are drug-related offenses. These offenses can have serious penalties. In fact, they often have more consequences than most people even realize. Avoiding a conviction is important if you want to avoid these issues.

Felony drug conviction in Maryland

All states have their own standards for how drugs are treated by the legal system. Not all drug charges are treated seriously. Others, however, are treated very seriously and result in felonies for the defendants. These changes in Maryland include:

  • possession of an illegal drug other than marijuana
  • possession of drugs other than marijuana with an intent to distribute
  • possession of 50 pounds of marijuana with an intent to distribute
  • illegal drug trafficking
  • illegal drug manufacturing
  • counterfeiting prescription drugs
  • dealing drugs in volume
  • profiting from drug crimes

Drug crimes that are misdemeanors in Maryland include possession of drug paraphernalia and smaller amounts of marijuana without an intent to distribute. Like most states, Maryland treats offenses involving stronger drugs like narcotics far more seriously than those involving marijuana.

Consequences of a felony drug conviction include loss of SNAP and TANF benefits

As such, felony drug convictions bring with them serious consequences. These can include:

  • incarceration
  • fines in the thousands of tens of thousands of dollars
  • loss of employment opportunities
  • the suspension of professional licenses
  • social stigma in many communities
  • destruction of personal and professional relationships
  • loss of public benefits such as SNAP and TANF

While most people know you can face jail time and fines for drug offenses, some other items on this list may be less known. You could lose access to public benefits such as SNAP, TANF, and other assistance programs.

Overall, a drug conviction is treated very seriously in Maryland. It can come with intense penalties and consequences you were unaware of, like the loss of government benefits. Avoiding drug charges in the state will certainly make your life far easier.



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