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Airline pilots can face legal and professional problems for a DUI

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | dui/dwi |

Driving under the influence in Ocean City, Maryland can cause a series of problems for the motorist. People will think of this in legal terms with the possibility of jail, fines and a driver’s license suspension. In some instances, it can hinder the person’s livelihood. This is particularly true for airline pilots.

A pilot charged with DUI could face professional consequences

Pilots who are charged with DUI should be aware of their obligations to the Federal Aviation Administration. The Federal Aviation Regulations are the requirements pilots must abide by. According to FARS, the pilot must report the DUI within 60 days of its occurrence.

It is important to remember that the report must be given to the Civil Action Security Division located in Oklahoma City as opposed to their local Flight Standards District Office. Not doing so within the required time-frame could result in their right to fly being suspended or revoked.

As part of their pilot’s license, there is a medical application that must be provided. When there was a DUI conviction, it must be added to the medical application. Pilots can be suspended for not reporting this information. Repeat offenders who have two DUIs within three years can lose their right to fly.

Pilots have a lot to lose with a DUI arrest and conviction

Pilots need to know that a DUI can not only harm them when they are off the job, but it can damage their career. Adhering to the rules with a DUI charge and conviction can be helpful with trying to maintain flying privileges. Avoiding the conviction entirely can also be beneficial and limit the penalties and long-term problems that accompany DUI allegations.



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