Real Estate And Commercial Law

Real Estate And Commercial Law

Part of our practice involves assisting clients with real estate and employment contracts. We have helped business owners including restaurant owners and small-business owners to negotiate leases with landlords, and have worked out sale agreements as well for a variety of commercial landlord-tenant matters, including international business in the U.S., and mall commercial tenancy.

We help business owners regularly in our practice including working out settlements on employee-related issues, and in contract review, contract origination and business formation.

The Complex Nature Of Commercial Law Issues

We realize that there are a multitude of concerns that occur when dealing with commercial law issues, including type and style of a lease, and the payment of rent, whether it be percentage-based or flat fee-based with built-in residual increases.

The most important thing, we have found, is that the better a contract is formed, the more likely it is that a business will be able to stay in operation. Sometimes even the best-run businesses can see short futures because of correctable issues involving licenses and insurance, or from having a one-sided contract. We are here to protect from and prevent that occurrence.

We also accept B-to-B referrals including real estate companies seeking tenancy appraisals or independent consultancy on their projects. Having a fresh set of legal eyes can often uncover hidden or unexpected issues, so we are here to assist.

The Kinds Of Commercial Law And Real Estate Services We Provide

For business owners we handle all aspects of commercial and real estate law, including:

  • Liquor licensing
  • Contract origination and contract review
  • Commercial lease negotiation
  • Employee issues
  • Lease renewal
  • Commercial litigation defense and settlement
  • Debt/credit issues
  • Merchant services disputes

Regardless of the size of your business or real estate company, whether you are a large corporation or independent startup, we are here to assist you in protecting your assets and your future, by helping to get your deals right.

Additionally, we help business owners and their employees through representation in criminal and DUI matters across Maryland, where we have experience handling district, circuit, and federal cases. Should an unexpected problem arise, we are there to help.

The Maronick Law firm has lawyers practicing real estate and commercial law in Baltimore Maryland, Ocean City Maryland, Annapolis Maryland, Silver Spring Maryland, Bel Air Maryland, and Salisbury Maryland.  The Maronick Law Office's Attorneys practice real estate and commercial law all throughout Maryland as well.  No matter which Maryland Court we practice in, we will provide the best defense for your real estate and commercial case.

Our team of Maryland attorneys has offices throughout Maryland and serves the entire state. That includes Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Bethesda, Aberdeen, Rockville, Ocean City, Salisbury, Upper Marlboro, Landover, Greenbelt, Frederick, College Park, Bowie, Denton, Easton & Elkton, MD.

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