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In Legal Trouble For Driving Without A License?

Criminal charges for driving without a valid driver’s license may happen by mistake or through a deliberate bypassing of the driver’s licensing laws, such as driving when:

  • Someone has neglected to get an existing driver’s license renewed on schedule.
  • A new resident to Maryland has failed to get a Maryland driver’s license within the mandatory 60-day limit.
  • Someone’s driver’s license has been suspended or revoked because of a DUI conviction or other reasons.
  • A young person, an undocumented alien or anyone else has never had a driver’s license.

Driving in any of these circumstances in Maryland can result in arrest, jail time, a criminal record, fines and penalties, and difficulty obtaining a driver’s license (or renewal).

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What Are Maryland’s Driving Without A License Laws?

Even if accidental, driving without a valid Maryland driver’s license is a criminal offense. Often, a driver knows their license has been suspended or revoked. They have been unable to get a license for some reason, such as a failed vision test, but decide to take the risk of operating a motor vehicle anyway. Driving without a license (DWOL) and driving on a suspended license are nearly always serious offenses.

If you have been accused of an infraction, you risk:

  • Jail time
  • Fines and other penalties
  • Loss of driving privileges, possibly for years or indefinitely

A minor caught driving without a driver’s license will likely lose the chance to obtain one legally for an extended length of time, as well as incurring other penalties. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) may be impossible to obtain or keep with a DWOL or driving on a suspended license violation.

Get Aggressive And Knowledgeable Legal Counsel After An Arrest For DWOL

The sooner you have a skilled defense lawyer on your side, the more options you may have for resolving your case satisfactorily. In all cases, your goals will be to preserve your ability to get a driver’s license; prevention of a criminal record; avoidance of jail time; and reduction or reversal of costly fines and other penalties.

Maronick Law LLC offers free initial consultations for DWOL and dedication to your short-term and long-term best interests. Call 410-881-4022 or email us through this website to arrange a conversation with our firm. We will review your options and move you toward a positive resolution.

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