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Zealous And Effective Representation For CBD, Marijuana And Hemp Violation Charges

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While Maryland has decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia and the smoking of marijuana in public for people age 21 and older, the state has not fully legalized recreational use of it as some states have. People may be fined (as in the case of traffic tickets and similar civil infractions) for possession of 10 grams or less. Others are still arrested and jailed for infractions involving amounts over 10 grams. Laws are continually in flux in our state and elsewhere, but law enforcement continues. Thomas Maronick Jr zealously defends people charged with marijuana violations and other drug crimes.

Medical use of marijuana is another story. Beginning in 2013, Maryland has allowed the production and distribution of medicinal marijuana or derivatives – first in academic medical centers only. Next came the issuing of dispensary licenses allowing business owners to grow marijuana and manufacture products from it, such as pills and oils. Medical professionals also became able to certify patients as eligible for medical marijuana use. According to a Wikipedia article, by the fall of 2019, “Maryland had 18 licensed growers, 82 licensed dispensaries, and 70,000 registered patients.”

Addressing Legal Challenges Of Marijuana Dispensaries

From the opening of a licensed dispensary through its ongoing operations, owners and managers need legal advice and advocacy. In the case of an encounter with law enforcement, get your cannabis-related defense case started as soon as possible for best results. We are ready to be your strong advocates as you pursue the best attainable outcome anywhere in Maryland.

At Maronick Law LLC, we are committed to protecting our clients who open and run licensed cannabis dispensaries. We can provide the knowledge and tools enabling your dispensary to comply with regulations and stay out of trouble with the law.

Cannabis dispensary business owners are welcome to ask our law firm for assistance before trouble strikes as well. We can help you keep your business within the state’s guidelines and regulations associated with the growing of marijuana, manufacture of products and dispensing of them. In case of legal challenges, we offer aggressive representation to avoid citations, penalties and/or enforced closure of licensed shops.

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