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Common delayed injuries after an accident

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | car accidents |

Car accidents in Maryland often result in injuries, such as broken bones or abrasions. But some injuries take hours or weeks to develop. Below are some commonly delayed symptoms that might indicate a more serious injury:

Lower back pain

Lower back pain could mean you’ve sustained muscle damage, a sprain or a herniated disc. It’s also possible that whiplash can cause pain in the back. If numbness or tingling accompanies the pain, you could have spine or nerve damage.

Pain in the abdomen

A soft-tissue injury can cause abdominal pain. This type of personal injury could mean you have internal bleeding. Other symptoms of internal bleeding include deep bruises, severe headaches and dizziness.


Headaches are common and usually not cause for alarm. But if you develop severe headaches following an accident, it could mean you have a brain injury. You might also experience headaches if you have a blood clot, a neck injury or a concussion.

Upper body pain

Pain in the shoulders or neck often accompanies whiplash. Most people think whiplash pain is immediate, but it sometimes takes several days to develop. Pain in the upper body can also mean you have a herniated disc or injury to your spine.

Mental health issues

Not all accident damage is physical. An accident is a traumatic experience, and you could experience emotional pain and suffering. Indicators of emotional trauma include depression and anxiety. Also, a brain injury can result in emotional problems or changes in personality.

Watching for delayed injuries

Injuries aren’t always apparent after an accident. You may have reason to file a personal injury claim should symptoms develop several days or weeks following the accident.



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