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What should I expect after a DUI arrest in Maryland?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | dui/dwi |

Maryland takes driving under the influence seriously. If you’re arrested for DUI, you need immediate help and should know what to expect.

What are the state’s DUI laws?

Maryland has two offenses related to drunk driving: driving under the influence or DUI and driving while impaired or DWI. DUI is a crime that occurs when a person’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC is .08 or higher. A person can be found guilty of DWI when their BAC is less than that amount.

Individuals who are younger than 21 are prohibited from having any level of alcohol in their system while driving. If someone under 21 is discovered by a police officer to have even the smallest amount of alcohol in their system while behind the wheel, they can immediately be arrested.

Commercial drivers cannot have a BAC at or over .04.

What can happen if a police officer stops you?

If a police officer stops you after suspecting that you’re driving while drunk, they can ask you to submit to a breath test to check your BAC level. If you agree and your BAC is .08 or higher, you can be arrested for DUI. However, if you refuse the test, you can also be arrested.

After an arrest, your license will be immediately suspended, but you can get a temporary license that lets you drive for 45 days. By day 46, your suspension takes effect. Depending on the circumstances, your suspension could last 180 days to two years.

If you’re convicted of DUI or DWI, you face misdemeanor charges and penalties including anywhere from two months to five years in jail and fines of $500 to $5,000.

DUI charges are serious and can adversely impact your life. It’s important to fight them and protect your rights.



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