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Two teenage boys shot in Baltimore

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | gun crimes |

Baltimore Police recently responded to two separate shootings involving teenage boys.

The first incident occurred in the 2000 block of W. Pratt Street in the Carrollton Neighborhood. The police, responding to a ShotSpotter alert, found a 17-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound. He was allegedly approached by two men after leaving a food market who, after opening fire, fled the scene.

The identifies of the suspects are unknown.

Just four hours later, the second incident occurred in Northwest Baltimore on the 5100 block of Chalgrove Ave. The police discovered a 15-year-old boy inflicted with a gunshot wound. No suspects have been identified.

Both victims were taken to area hospitals where they were listed in critical condition.

The incidents are part of a string of shootings involving underage victims. Recently, a 17-year-old boy was wounded after a gunman opened fire near the interstate 83 exit ramp.

The accused have rights

Being accused of a violent crime can turn your life upside down. You may face serious criminal penalties, including extensive jail time. Even after you serve your punishment, the stigma can last a lifetime making it difficult to find gainful employment. ‘

Furthermore, law enforcement may seem disinterested in your side of the story.

Considering the stakes, Glen Burnie residents should have an experienced criminal defense lawyer by their side. They can provide a vigorous defense of your rights from the arraignment through trial.

A lawyer understands what the prosecution needs to prove their case and can launch a counter investigation to ensure the truth gets told.




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